‘Deconstructing Karen’ Trailer: Women Gather Around The Dinner Table To Have An Intense Discussion About Race And Gender In America

The documentary Deconstructing Karen has dropped its first trailer.

Directed by Patty Ivins Specht, and based on the Race2Dinner concept created by Saira Rao and Regina Jackson, Deconstructing Karen sees several woman engaged in a heated conversation about race, gender and white supremacy in the USA.

Race2Dinner was conceptualized out of the need to educate. The experience requires woman to engage in direct, and difficult conversations often over dinner. The point is to foster an open dialogue and reveal truths about racism.

In a joint statement, Jackson and Rao mention, “Deconstructing Karen is an invitation to unlearn your own racism. We specifically chose to release this film during the holiday season when people come together – anticipating, dreading and preparing for the racism that is served at every holiday dinner table around the world. We invite everyone – especially white women – to sit with friends and family, prepare to get uncomfortable and be open to the power of opening your minds to how white women uphold racism every single day.”

Jackson continues, “What we know is that the pecking order throughout the white world and colonized countries is that the closer your skin color is to white, the more you are, accepted, valued and given opportunities in society. We live in a world of white supremacy and colorism. While Black and Indigenous people know this, so does everyone else. Many white people will deny this realty, but just ask the nice white people if they would willingly trade places with a Black person in this society and the visceral response is your answer.”

Specht also serves as executive producer on the film, and Rit Saraswat is co-executive producer. Mikell Ivey, Jessica McWilliams, Dawn Stroupe, and Dan VanAlkemade serve as producers, with Katherine Montgomery serves as associate producer.

Deconstructing Karen will be available on VOD November 24.

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