Steve Martin and Martin Short Read Each Other’s Eulogies in ‘SNL’ Opening Monologue

Steve Martin and Martin Short brought their A-game to their joint Saturday Night Live opening monologue, reading each other eulogies and surprising viewers with an appearance from their Only Murders in the Building co-star Selena Gomez.

Before diving into each other’s eulogies, the comedians took a second to reminisce on their past SNL hosting gigs, with the Dec. 10 episode being Martin’s 16th time hosting the show and Short’s third.

“You see, we are like Harry and Meghan,” Short said, referring to Netflix’s new docuseries from the couple. “No one’s rooting for us, but you’ll tune in to watch anyway.” Martin then went on to joke about how working with Short for him is like watching the World Cup, he just can’t get into it.

When Short told Martin he adores working with him and wishes they could do it forever, Martin said Short can’t because he won’t live forever.

“It’s sad because you won’t be able to hear the wonderful things I’m going to say at your memorial,” Martin told Short. “So, I thought why wait? So, what I did was I wrote up your eulogy so you can hear it now.” Short quipped back that he did the same.

“I will always be haunted by Marty’s last words: Tesla autopilot engage,” Martin said in his eulogy for Short.

“I learned so much from Steve,” Short said. “For example, he taught me that you don’t need to restrict the urinal to just number one.”

Throughout the opening monologue, the co-stars and touring partners threw playful shade at each other.

“Even at the end, Marty had a wonderful girlfriend smart, beautiful and so realistic,” Martin said. “He was always sexually active — as long as there were batteries in the house. Hewas taken away from us too soon, but sadly, not before he played Jack Frost in Santa Clause 3.”

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