‘Super Mario Bros’ Second Trailer Shows Off Donkey Kong, Princess Peach & More

The Nintendo Direct YouTube channel unveiled the second trailer today for Illumination’s Super Mario Bros Movie.

In it, we see Mario (voiced by Chris Pratt) entering a cheering arena where he faces off with Donkey Kong voiced by Seth Rogen. Mario jumps and the big ape catches the little guy in mid air before whacking him repeatedly.

Meanwhile, Koopa has Luigi in his grip.

“One problem, there’s a human who has a mustache just like you,” says the ogre voiced by Jack Black.

We also see Anya Taylor Joy’s Princess Peach for the first time.

“There’s a huge universe out there with a lot of galaxies,” Peach tells little mushroom guy, Toad.

You can watch below — there’s even a Mario Race cart scene you can count on in the Universal released title.

Super Mario Bros Movie happens on Easter Weekend, April 7-9.

On hand to introduce the trailer today were the pic’s producers Chris Melendandri, and Donkey Kong and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, as well as Rogen (with his dog named Zelda) and Taylor-Joy.

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